Off the cob shark tank

Cameron Sheldrake, of the company Off the Cob, has just stepped into the Shark Tank. Cameron is seeking $100in exchange for of . In November 201 Off The Cob was featured on the ABC hit show “Shark Tank.

Although we didn’t receive a deal from the Sharks, the feedback has been . A “Made in Central New York” business didn’t get a deal on Friday’s Shark Tank, but that’s not getting in the way of a local entrepreneur. Off The Cob Chips were in the Shark Tank about year ago, so its time for an Update! Off the Cob makes the first tortilla chips with real sweet corn learn more at. Cameron Sheldrake introduces the Sharks to Off the Cob Tortilla Chips, his snack business the features natural corn tortilla chips, in Shark Tank episode 612. Sweet Tortilla Chips seen on Shark Tank Episode 61 11-21-2014.

Off the Cob, the first sweet corn tortilla chip, enters the Shark Tank. Heavy interviewed Molly Willsallen, whose boyfrien Cameron Sheldrake, . Shark Tank is all about the snacks this year. After a recent episode’s Pipcorn fight, Shark Tank welcomed Off the Cob Tortilla Chips to its Nov.

Most tortilla chips are made with grain corn, which has a hard dry kernel and starchy flavor. Grain corn is machine harvested in the Fall once the . Lighter, Sweeter and more crispy than other tortilla chips, Off the Cob chips are.

While watching the episode of Shark Tank, I decided to look them up to see if . The first and only tortilla chips made with real sweet corn, Off the Cob chips are sweet. I came across this product while watching Shark Tank and immediately . Cameron Sheldrake has created a healthier tortilla chip, Off the Cob. Barbell Apparel on Shark Tank Sells $Pants with Built-In Bottle . Off the Cob Tortilla Chips entered the Shark Tank Friday seeking investment in the company which makes tortilla chips using sweet corn. Sweet Corn Farmer Dives Into the Shark Tank.

Despite the sharks’ unanimous rejection, Off The Cob seemed to benefit immediately from the . She designed the graphics for Off the Cob. At family and friends’ urging last spring, Sheldrake applied online to be on Shark Tank, where a . Off the Cob is a brand of Tortilla Chips made with sweet corn rather than grain corn. The idea is that sweet corn is much more flavorful than the traditional grain . Watch full episode of Shark Tank season episode 1 read episode recap, view photos and more. We make Off The Cob Chips, Made with sweet corn.

The first tortilla chips with real sweet corn on the cob, savory sweet flavor and ingredients.