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Tämä foorumi on avoin vain rekisteröityneille käyttäjille, joten rekisteröidy ja käy kirjoittamassa lyhyt kuvaus itsestäsi kuvaukset-osioon. We have been thinking own BCFIN knife on our forum for long time and few months ago plans were ready and we choosed maker to be from . As someone of you who visit our forum might noticed that it´s old version is not updated anymore.

Bushcraft Finland: This is the main (and only, as far as I know) forum for bushcraft in Finland. Pieniä tunnelmapaloja videon muodossa metsän puolelta viikonlopun .

While reading the forum I’ve noticed that some of you have an interest towards the Finnish culture and bushcraft. For Sale Finnish Billnäs 11Axeviestiä1.

Varusteleka – the strange surplus shop from Finlandviestiä4. Bushcraft Finlandin kesämiitti sijoittui tällä kertaa lähemmäksi. IlkkaSeikku Full-tang Bushcraft-veitsi mallisto on tehty kovaan käyttöön! As some of you may know that the Bushcrat Finland forum has moved to new server to give user a better experience.

View forum – International Forum Great bunch of guys who are very experienced outdoorsmen – good forum to join – similar to here – would be.

It can be found on the excellent Bushcraft Finland forum Here BcFin badge ( the right to buy and wear basic embroided patch) -Accepted as a . I would pick the English bushcraft knife and the Finnish puukko of all the knives ive seen and had the pleasure to use,because both knives . Here is a little video about one of our meetups in Finland. My wife going to Norway and Finland to visit friends and relatives and wanted to know if there was anything she could bring me back. My name is Zak, relatively new on the forums but a lifelong bushcrafter, . Since moving to Finland over years ago, I have been able to increase my knowledge of and experience with the knives, both big and small, . Hello I wanted to point out to this sites if you didn’t already know them.

This channel has lots of footage of primative rural and wilderness techniques including dugout . Zit al een tijdje te mijmeren over Finland (met de kano). NvdO Ma Mei 2 206:pm in Bugs update forum.