Blast chiller

Blast chilling is a method of cooling food quickly to a low temperature that is relatively safe from. The blast chiller is a cousin of the refrigerator, another appliance designed to store food between +°C and +°C, but the blast chiller is a higher . THE SPEED AND POWER of the Grand Cuisine Blast Chiller brings a whole new world of cooking within your reach. A blast chiller is a device quickly lowering the temperature of the introduced foodstuff, either fresh or pre-cooke maintaining its peculiarities during storage. Optimize the workflow in your kitchen: increase the shelf life of food and reduce waste.

Our innovative blast chillers and freezers . Blast Chillers and Blast Freezers available in a great range of sizes and styles.

Manufactured and Supplied by Williams Refrigeration. Our range of blast chillers and freezers offer a systematic, safe method of cooling food quickly and hygienically, minimising bacterial growth and preserving food . There’s a piece of equipment that’s slowly been making its way into restaurant kitchens: the blast chiller. It does exactly what it sounds like: cool . Find great deals on for Blast Freezer in Restaurant and Catering Freezers.

Freddy is the first blast chiller made for home use, with essential design that’s appealing in any kitchen. Freddy is the only domestic appliance that enables blast . Protecting your food and your customers is easier than ever, thanks to Traulsen Blast Chillers and Quick Chillers. They move your food quickly and safely from .

Blast chillers rapidly cool food by circulating cold air through the unit until temperatures fall to safe levels. They are designed to lower the temperature of cooked . Blast chiller and blast freezer: an important choice, not only talking about rules and regulations, but also and above all, in terms of working methods and quality . Freezers and blast chillers Irinox: more freshness and quality foods, lower costs and production time. The technology of blast chilling and storing food service . Blast chilling +90° +3°C All food cooked and left to cool slowly losess its finest qualities. The Icematic blast chiller makes it possible to lower the . Master-Chill blast chillers and freezers are designed to rapidly reduce food temp below 40°F eliminating the threat of bacterial contamination ensuring food . To achieve this, a specially designed Blast Chiller or Blast Freezer is . The Irinox Multi Fresh system operates in standard or dynamic mode, with the Multi Fresh Plus range including thawing, proofing, personalised cycles, Sanigen .